Titan’s fleet of helicopters consists of several different airframes that have been specialised to carry out a ‘niche’ service.

This specialisation in a wide range of industries is reflected in our ‘Wide Niche‘ strategy which enables us to cater to the very unique challenges that each of these industries present us with on a near daily basis.

AW139 – Agusta Westland Helicopters

The AW139 is a new generation intermediate category helicopter capable of carrying up to 15 passengers. In recent times it has become the aircraft of choice in its class for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry.

S61N – Sikorsky

The Sikorsky S-61N is an amphibious civil transport version variant of the S-61 series of helicopters. On August7, 1962, the S-61 N made its first flight. Otherwise identical to the S-61L, this version is optimized for overwater operations, particularly oil rig support, by retaining the SH-3’s floats.

S76C+ - Sikorsky

The Sikorsky S76C+ is even a more powerful aircraft, with greater speeds and better avionics. The Sikorsky S-76C is a medium 12-seat twin-engine multi-purpose helicopter produced by the American manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft. This helicopter type is mostly in operation with civil operators for executive passenger transport (VIP), emergency medical service (EMS), search and rescue operations (SAR) and offshore passenger and material transportation.


The Bell 212 helicopter is extremely versatile in mission profile and operational parameters. It can be flown from a hover up to speeds of 120 knots. Standard configurations allows for mission equipment plus equipment operators and one or two pilots. Certified for IFR flights.

BO105-CBS5 – Eurocopter

The Eurocopter BO-105 Helicopter CBS-5 is a lightweight twin engine 5/6 seater multi role helicopter. The BO105-CBS5 has very high performance capability with one engine inoperative.



The members of the Titan family are a tightly integrated group of skilled, achievement-oriented professionals. The business model warrants a matrix-style of functioning where teamwork is the mantra. Every project team has members drawn from various groups with expertise in the Flying, Operation and Maintenance working in synchrony to achieve the best possible permutation of technology and skill, and deliver a solution tailor-made for customer satisfaction. The work atmosphere is challenging, upwardly mobile, ethical, transparent and allows creative and independent thinking. Past and present Titanians zealously guard the corporate culture and carry the baton forward in all their endeavours.

Mr Martin Steynberg

Executive Chairman

Mrs Tania Truter

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs Lynn Potgieter

Group Chief Operations Officer

Mr Lungisa Dyosi

Indwe Aviation Chief Executive Officer and Group Partner

Mr Jide Adebayo

Titan Offshore Chief Executive Officer

Aircraft Maintenance Team and Branch Operations located in the Western Cape, George (Head Office), Namibia , Malaysia, Brazil and Ireland.