Onshore Operations

Titan provides onshore heavylift solutions up to 20 Tons for various clients.

Titan Helicopter Group provide a safe reliable air transport service utilizing well maintained aircraft.

Titan Helicopter Group’s Pilots and Maintenance Staff will lead the industry by setting the standard for onshore helicopter operations


This Service is provided by:
Kamov Ka-32 Helicopters
Mi-8 MTV Helicopter
S61 Helicopter
Bell 212 Helicopter
Bo-105 CBS 5 Helicopter

Aerial Fire Fighting
Titan Helicopters provides helicopters for fire-fighting operations, as it is highly versatile and capable of undertaking such demanding work in hot and often highly hostile flying environments. The Mi-8 and Kamov can deliver 4500 liters of water on the fire for up to 3 hours at a time.

Air Crane and Precision Construction
The Russian built helicopters are really mobile cranes, after 7000 hours of flying, we at TITAN have mastered the technique of placing your precious cargo within inches of where you want it irrespective of the terrain or location.

Power Lines
Titan offers a service in support of the powerline industry. The Russian helicopters provide an unequaled 5 Ton lifting capacity to fly in powerline pylons directly to the point of construction. Erecting pylons solely by helicopter negates the construction of access roads and heavy vehicles, especially in environmentally sensitive regions and mountainous terrain. Wet concrete is also flown in and delivered to the pylon foundations in inaccessible areas.

Humanitarian Aid
THG is a UN Registered vendor and provides Aircraft for a wide range of missions.


This service is provided by:
Bo-105 CBS 5 Helicopter

With 4x Bo-105 CBS 5 Helicopters we provide EMS & FDS support under day Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) in Countries like South Africa and Malaysia


  • Executive Charter
  • Aerial Photography
  • Salvage Operations
  • Disaster Relief (WFP + MSF)
  •  Aerial Baiting & Rodent Eradication