The members of the Titan family are a tightly integrated group of skilled, achievement-oriented professionals. The business model warrants a matrix-style of functioning where teamwork is the mantra. Every project team has members drawn from various groups with expertise in the Flying, Operation and Maintenance working in synchrony to achieve the best possible permutation of technology and skill, and deliver a solution tailor-made for customer satisfaction.

Titan is a great place to work. The work atmosphere is challenging, upwardly mobile, ethical, transparent and allows creative and independent thinking. Past and present Titanians zealously guard the corporate culture and carry the baton forward in all their endeavors.

Our Fleet of Helicopters

Titan’s fleet of helicopters consists of several different airframes that have been specialised to carry out a ‘niche’ service. We are involved in firebombing, heavy-lift construction, logging, salvage operations, resupply missions (SANAE IV Arctic Station), medivac and passenger transport/adventure travel.

This specialisation in a wide range of industries is reflected in our ‘Wide Niche‘ strategy which enables us to cater to the very unique challenges that each of these industries present us with on a near daily basis.

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Our Safety Standards

THG is a BARS accredited operator which has accepted silver status from the Flight Safety Federation

Safety is a fundamental corporate value of TITAN. We strive to attain the highest safety standards possible, and believe in providing our Employees and Customers with a safe and healthy environment. With the aim of preventing accidents and eliminating damage and/or injury to property and personnel, TITAN maintains an active Safety Management System (SMS).

Our objective is the proactive management of identifiable risks and the elimination of injury to personnel and damage to equipment. To that end, we continuously examine our operation for hazards and find ways to minimize them. We report incident, train staff on safety management, document our findings and our responses, and strive for continuous improvement.